Meet the SMILE Team

Barbara McNamara
SMILE Director and SMILE broker.

She supports her own caseload of SD individuals as well as supports the entire SMILE team, mentoring the brokers. She acts as backup when situations arise. The LIDDRO has an ongoing relationship with Barbara to instruct the incoming brokers in the district at the yearly training. Barbara continually involves herself in the latest training across the state. Insuring the protection of the Self Determined Life for all SMILE families.

Jeanette Aponte

Valley Stream area. Jeanette is excited to becoming a part of the SMILE team. She has experience in the medical field, doing billing and administrative work for over 12 years.
Jeanette is ready to expand our Nassau connections, in her words. “ I am passionate about helping others.”

Patricia Calandra

Wading River area, works as a SMILE broker. She has a strong connection to the Suffolk community and all it has to offer our individuals

Ann Pizano

Holbrook area, works as a SMILE broker and DSP. She is committed to individuals living their optimum day and life and connecting to their community. She is a strong advocate.

Victoria Robertson

Lake Ronkonkoma area, she is a SMILE broker and DSP. She is a strong advocate and passionate about the Self Direction movement. Don’t get in her way! Vicki is our staffing coordinator. Her tasks include researching resumes and interviewing in preparation for SMILE family’s needs. Vicki keeps an ongoing list of staff availability to provide backup staff for SMILE families. Vicki will support potential staff as they go through the daunting hiring process.

Meghan Kelly

Ronkonkoma area, works as the SMILE office manager. Meghan is in the SMILE office Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
She is available to all SMILE brokers to back them up in various areas. Meghan is available to SMILE families during these hours for any questions.
In addition, Meghan is a broker and works part time as as a DSP. She is totally committed to her families and a strong advocate. Meghan is excited about the SD growth

Phil Barbarello

Phil is from the Wading River area and will be supporting SMILE families in the Suffolk area. Phil is a retired Air Traffic Controller. He brings a lot of energy and life experience to our team. Phil is excited to begin supporting SMILE circles.

John McNamara

Lake Grove area, works as a SMILE broker. He is a great includer. He brings his financial background to the SMILE team. John supports the broker team in assisting in review of the fiscal reposts on a regular basis. In addition, John supports the team in the ongoing area of billing and payment.

Maria Mauro

Lindenhurst area, works as a SMILE broker. She brings her Special Ed background to support the SMILE team. She is dedicated to her families and is a really out of the box thinker. Maria supports the SMILE team helping us organize and prioritize intakes. Maria brings her experience to the team in a supervisory way. In addition, Maria works to assist families that need assistance in transitioning.

Stephanie Diaz

Coming to us from the Central Islip area, Stephanie’s personal experience in the world of disabilities is what drives her passion for an inclusive community for all. Stephanie is happy to be joining the SMILE team. She will be a great asset to all SMILE families. Stephanie being able to speak Spanish is going to be helpful to so many families on Long Island

William McNamara

SMILE Information and Technology support. Billy brings a life time of experience working in the above field for many big named companies.
He is excited to bring his experience to our non-profit world. He is mission driven.
His goal is to assist not only the SMILE team but the SMILE families in the utilizing technologies to better support our circles.

Emily Newman

Emily is from the Holbrook area and excited to be starting her career as a Self-Directed Broker.
Emily will be supporting the team in the area of office management as well as beginning a few plans of her own. Emily’s experience in the areas of Business Administration will be a great support to the team.
In addition, Emily’s innate ability to seek out inclusive opportunities for all will be a great asset to all our SMILE families.

Regina Giunta

Bayport, South shore area, works as a SMILE broker and assists in the area of transition. Regina comes to us with many years of experience in the education field including an administrative background. This experience makes Regina a great support to the SMILE team as well as the SMILE families in the area of transition.

John O’ Sullivan

Oceanside area, works as a SMILE broker and DSP. He is a dedicated and compassionate member of every circle he sits on. His ability to create community connections for our individuals has resulted in invaluable experiences on both sides of the table

Kristen Robertson

SMILE social media coordinator. She is a great support to the SMILE team in the area of getting our message of total inclusion out in the social media world.

Kristen Kopf

SMILE administrative assistant and scanner. She is a great support to the team in the area of scanning monthly billing and other essential documents. This helps us to stay organized.

Brittany Schiavone

SMILE administrative assistance and flier. She is essential in helping the SMILE team to stay organized as the need for documentation grows